Monday, July 07, 2014

What I wrote my Congressman about the humanitarian crisis on our border

Dear Representative,

As much as my heart goes out to the children who are pawns in this whole ordeal on our southern border, I believe we need a Congressional investigation into how this humanitarian disaster came about.  I have seen it reported in credible news sources that a federal government website was advertizing for transportation contractors as far back as January to handle the coming influx of these children.  I have also seen examples of the information flyer it is reported that many of the children had with them to tell them what to say to immigration authorities to maximize their chances of being allowed to stay in the US.

These children didn’t suddenly wake up one morning and tell their parents, “Adios, Mama and Papa, I am going walk across part of Central America (crossing multiple borders) and the whole of Mexico in the heat of summer to go to the United States.”

One does not have to be a conspiracy theorist to see that this involved coordination—a coordinated effort to bring these children here and flood our border in an effort to destabilize our whole immigration process.  The American people deserve to know how and why this happened, and who is responsible, so this does not continue—for the sake of the children who are being exploited, as much as for us.

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