Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Burger King introduces gay Whopper

(But only in San Francisco)

WPXI reports: 
"The Proud Whopper" comes in a rainbow colored wrapper and goes on sale Wednesday morning.
The burger chain’s Senior Vice President of Global Brand Management Fernando Machado says it "showcases who we are as a brand." (emphasis added)

Machado says the unusual burger also helps efforts to support the chains newest slogan "Be Your Way."
["Be your way!" ???  Are you kidding me???!!!]

Proceeds from the sale of the Proud Whopper will be donated to scholarships for LGBT high school seniors graduating in 2015 through its own Burger King McLamore Foundation.

The only real difference is the wrapper itself and the Proud Whopper costs the same as any other whopper.

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Dale Matson said...

The whopper was rated lowest in the newest Consumer Reports. Packaging won't increase sales of an inferior product. Dale Matson