Friday, August 24, 2007

So What?

An article in The Church Times now suggests that Archbishop Peter Akinola did not write all of the piece entitled "A Most Agonising Journey towards Lambeth 2008" (see the post below) that came out over his signature.

These "journalists" are shocked—SHOCKED, I tell you—that Abp. Akinola may have had assistance in writing this document. Have these journalists never heard of a public figure using a ghostwriter or engaging in collaborative writing before? Here's my perspective on this whole thing: SO WHAT?

I happen to be a seminary dean, not primate of a whole country, and (believe it or not) there are many occasions when not every word that is issued publicly over my signature was actually written by me. And, I will guarantee you, if I were writing an important document about a situation in Nigeria (or any other country), and I happened to have a colleague there, I would gladly accept all the additions, corrections, or editorial changes that colleague wished to contribute.

But, you know what? If, in the end, a document goes out over my signature, it is because I OWN it. It says what I wish it to say; I stand by it, and I am responsible for it. And Abp. Akinola is just as much the owner of "A Most Agonising Journey towards Lambeth 2008."

In the final analysis, the real significance of "A Most Agonising Journey towards Lambeth 2008" is not who wrote it, but whether it is a true assesment of where we as the Anglican Communion now stand. If it appeared over Abp. Akinola's signature, it is obviously his assessment. And I, for one, happen to think he is right.

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