Saturday, August 04, 2007

Chris Seitz responds to my response to Ephraim Radner

My response yesterday to the Rev. Dr. Ephraim Radner's resignation from the Anglican Communion Network was circulated on the Stand Firm blog by Matt Kennedy. I am very thankful for the comments many have offered to my response. One of those responses was from an esteemed colleague and friend, the Rev. Professor Christopher Seitz. I am taking the liberty of copying his response here:

I cannot imagine what it is like to be in academic life at so bucolic a setting as Nashotah House, and I have great respect for my friend Robert Munday. But the idea that ACI theologians have avoided academic conflict, fought no battles in University life, written no books that did not earn them derision and hurt their professional ‘advancement’ and just live in their heads is sad commentary from a fellow traveler.

“I fear that these gentlemen live in their heads so much that they cannot appreciate the anger and frustration of many grass roots Episcopalians who have grown weary of endless meetings, faithless leaders, and “dialogue” designed to keep conservatives occupied while liberals consolidate their gains.”

No, we are working full out with Windsor Bishops and with key leaders in the Communion precisely to the degree that we are aware of the anguish. This is not at issue. At issue is what kind of solution is to be sought: one that protects the legacy, in Christ, of what the missional life of Anglicanism is, globally.

May God bless the work of Dean Munday in the very important vocation of teaching ordinands to live in their heads, hearts, wills, hands and feet. For Christ’s sake.

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