Saturday, May 21, 2016

I am not making this up: "Canadian man leaves family to be transgender six-year-old girl"

There used to be a time when the psychological profession was devoted to helping people feel "comfortable in their skins."  If your self perception didn't agree with your biological sex, they would help you adjust to become comfortable in the body with which you were born.  Today, the psychological and medical professions will help you chemically and surgically mutilate your body to fit your self perception. 

But this story from the Daily Mail illustrates just how absurd things have become:

'I've gone back to being a child': Husband and father-of-seven, 52, leaves his wife and kids to live as a transgender SIX-YEAR-OLD GIRL named Stefonknee

  • Stefonknee Wolscht, 52, lived as Paul until she realized she was trans at age 46 and was not accepted by her family
  • After two suicide attempts and a bout of homelessness, she found hope in the transgender community in Toronto  
  • She now resides with an adoptive 'mommy and daddy' and spends her time playing with dolls and the couple's young grandchildren
Read the rest of the story where there are more photos, some, like the one above, from Stefoknee's own Twitter account.  (How many "six-year-olds" do you know with Twitter accounts?)

I am not sure who is crazier, this man or the adoptive "mommy and daddy" who took him in.  Someone should have helped this man before he became suicidal and homeless (after all, he is not the first person to become depressed in middle age).  But they should have helped him play the hand he was dealt, instead of shredding the whole card deck into confetti.

In a few years, this "six-year-old girl" is going to be eligible for retirement and most likely have heart issues, prostate issues, and arthritis.  You can pretend all you want, but reality has a way of catching up with you.  It would be nice if this man got some real help before it does.
Oh, and as a further illustration of how absurd things have become:  If I lived in Canada, I would probably be hauled before the Ontario Human Rights Commission and punished for even writing this post.  Thank God for the United States of America and the First Amendment!

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Undergroundpewster said...

And to think that it used to be okay to say that is crazy.