Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Black Friday Revealed How Poor Americans Really Are

From here:
Black Friday sales plummeted this year, leaving retailers completely stumped.

After weeks of declining gas prices, many analysts predicted the biggest holiday season ever. Industry groups like the National Retail Federation reasoned that Americans would use their fuel savings on gifts.

Despite encouraging forecasts, Black Friday weekend sales were down 11%. Cyber Monday sales rose 8%, falling short of many predictions.

So where are the customers? They're probably broke, according to some analysts and executives.
Then, after reporting that the only stores that did well on Black Friday were deep discounters, like Kohl's and Family Dollar stores, comes the "take-away" line from this story:

"Health insurance premiums have increased between 39% and 56% since early 2013, meaning additional costs of $230 per month for the average family."  

Yeah, that's certainly been my experience.  When you're paying 39% to 56% more for health insurance than you were in 2013 (before Obamacare kicked in) it makes it hard for Christmas to be like it once was.

So what was that about the "Affordable Care Act"??? 

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