Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Well, DUH???

A choice quotation from the late John Hick, well known (liberal) philosopher of religion and author and editor of such books as The Metaphor of God Incarnate and The Myth of Christian Uniqueness:
If Jesus was literally God incarnate, the second Person of the holy Trinity, living a human life, so that the Christian religion was founded by God-on-earth in person, it is then very hard to escape from the traditional view that all mankind must be converted to the Christian faith.
(John Hick, God Has Many Names. Philadelphia: Westminster, 1982, p. 19.)

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Undergroundpewster said...

He poses the question with a big "If". I wonder if he was ever able to reason away the "if"? Of course, once one takes that leap of faith, there go all the book sales because there will be just one Book left to talk about.