Tuesday, December 04, 2012

As Americans face a fiscal cliff, the Obamas make do with 54 Christmas trees

Why does the phrase, “Let them eat cake” come to mind?

From here:
Amazing how a reelection can reshape an incumbent's thinking about many things.  Now safely ensconced in the White House for 49 more months, the Obamas have decorated the place with 54 Christmas trees this year.

Even allowing for the usual Washington excesses with taxpayer money, that's a whole grove of Christmas trees. 

"We have 54 trees in the White House," an excited Michelle Obama proudly told visitors the other day.   "54!  That’s a lot of trees."

In fact, the Obamas' 54 trees this year are almost 50% more Christmas trees than last year.  That was during the campaign before Obama whispered a reminder to the Russians that he had to be careful until Nov. 6, when a victory would give him more "flexibility."

Now, how much carbon do you suppose those 54 trees could be sequestering had they not been chopped by this green president?
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