Saturday, August 28, 2010

UGANDA: CAPA Bishops Conference - the future of Anglicanism?

David Virtue reports from Uganda regarding the Conference of Anglican Primates in Africa (CAPA) Bishops Conference which has been going on for the past few days. The conference has been notable for the many African voices asserting a vigorous biblical orthodoxy in the face of western challenges. I agree with David's assessment: If there is any hope for Anglicanism, this is it.

UGANDA: CAPA Bishops Conference: From My Ear to Yours

By David W. Virtue in Entebbe
August 28, 2010

If I had to choose between the revivalism of African Anglicanism versus the liberalism of Western Anglicanism, the answer is a no brainer. Even assuming for the moment that a lot of African Christianity is superficial (false), that it is an inch deep (also untrue), moralistic (also untrue) - one must make a distinction between moralism and true biblical morality. Then the evidence is clear - Anglican churches in Africa are daily being born and growing at a remarkable rate while Western churches are emptying at a rate that will guarantee their extinction possibly within my life time.

The charismatic assistant bishop of Kampala, the Rt. Rev. Zac Niringiye of the Province of Uganda, conducts daily Bible Studies here for the 400 bishops. He is a superb teacher. If he is the future of Anglican Christianity on this continent, and he might well be, then Africa has little to worry about. Problems abound, and the amazing thing is that despite the enormous political corruption, stupidity and laziness of government officials, peoples' lives are being changed by the gospel.

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Anonymous said...

Dean Munday, I'm not so sure all's well even with the CAPA Communique...or the Windsor/Lambeth 1.10 statement. The proscription against 'gay' bishops is worthless if there are 'gay' priests. Assuming this identity for oneself or another person is unbiblical. II Corinthians 6:9-11 and Romans 1:18-2:3 show that we all lay down our former identities at the foot of the Cross and in the waters of Baptism to become entirely new creatures whose minds are willingly being conformed and transformed to God and His Word. There are no expemptions or exclusions on the basis of our feelings and desires. With the sacrifice comes the power over sin and the pure, thrilling freedom, peace and joy of worship and communion with God. What a bargain.