Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Blessed Are the Gadgets, For They Shall Inherit the Earth

Gotta love those Anglicans!

(P.S., There are nine slides in the series.)


Bill said...

We live in such a Broken World now, that if we don't PRAY and FAST and BELIEVE..there may not be anything left to inherit..Watch the video at the link below.. PRAY and SHARE..Only God can turn this mess around.

Dale Matson said...

Dear Dean Munday,
I enjoy your informed but down to earth posts on Stand Firm. I used to reside near Eagle WI. but was unaware of Nashota House at the time. I have recently passed my canonical exams here in the DSJ and hope to be priested when the COM has given approval. I am an emeritus professor myself. Keep up the good work and keep turning out believing Anglicans.
Dcn. Dale Matson