Friday, November 13, 2009

Episcopal News Service article on Sweden's lesbian bishop

Very positive reporting from Episcopal News Service:
SWEDEN: Lesbian priest ordained as Lutheran bishop of Stockholm

The (Lutheran) Church of Sweden on Nov. 8 ordained a female pastor as Christianity's first openly gay female bishop.

Eva Brunne, 55, was elected in late May to be bishop of the Diocese of Stockholm by a vote of 413-365 over Hans Ulfvebrand in the second round of voting. A first round of voting by clergy of the diocese and an equal number of elected lay people was held in April. There are 13 dioceses in the Church of Sweden.

Then, later in the article, follows this section in which various denominations try outdoing each other to claim "first!"—
The AP reported that while Brunne's consecration is a first, the Rev. J. Bennett Guess, a spokesman for the United Church of Christ, said that the UCC has several openly gay and lesbian "conference ministers." That designation is similar to that of bishop.

In 2003, the Episcopal Church consecrated its first openly gay bishop, V. Gene Robinson of New Hampshire.

Finally, the celebration: "Hey, we can get jiggy wi' deese folks!"
The Episcopal Church is about to enter into a dialogue with the Church of Sweden that could lead to a full communion agreement similar to the one the church has had with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America since January 2001. The July 8-17 meeting of the Episcopal Church’s General Convention called for that dialogue, via Resolution A076.

Full communion?  Why not?  Sounds like "birds of a feather" to me.

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Undergroundpewster said...

As near as I can tell from a brief search, the Church of Sweden counts 7 million members but perhaps has only 100,000 in attendance on any given Sunday.

Birds of a feather, I agree.