Friday, April 03, 2009

Larry King: "But Somebody's Gotta Think for the Masses.

Penn Jillette, of the comedy duo Penn & Teller, was on Larry King Live last night, along with MSNBC's Stephanie Miller, when Larry King asked Penn Jillette, "Penn, do you want Obama to succeed?" (You have to know that this was an allusion to the much-quoted line from Rush Limbaugh who said he hopes Obama fails.)
Jillette answers: "...If what succeeding means is taking away -- giving too much of a safety net so that we can't live like Vegas, there's no reason to gamble if you can't lose, and I think it's really important that people have a chance to win and to fail, and I think too much of a safety net, it's just less fun to live."

So Larry King asks Stephanie Miller, "Stephanie, do you want him to succeed no matter what the success brings?"

Miller, alluding to Rush Limbaugh's remark, says: "Rush Limbaugh said if Obama fails, America wins. How does that make sense to any rational person? You know--"

Jillette interjects: "Depends on what you want."

Whereupon Larry King continues: "If his programs brought about health insurance that pleased all, taxes that pleased most, a better way of life for a lot of people, then that's the kind of success you would think you'd like."

And Jillette replies: "If you please everybody on anything you're do something wrong. But luckily there's no chance of that. I just think that individuals are more important than a whole kind of groupthink and that individuals can do more than a top down kind of thinking. I don't think the government can solve all our problems or should try."

King answers: "We do have 300 million people. You can be individuals as much as you like..."

Miller adds: "We do."

And then Larry King gives the whole game away: "but somebody's gotta think for the masses."

SOMEBODY'S GOTTA THINK FOR THE MASSES!!! (Yup, that's what Larry said! He seems really glad we now have a "Messiah" who can do just that.)

"ATTENTION: George Orwell--please call your office."

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