Monday, June 13, 2005

"We Want God"

Did you hear about the ACLU objecting to plans by Harris County officials in Texas to name a new park after the late Pope John Paul II? According to the Houston Chronicle, the ACLU believes it is inappropriate to name a park after a religious leader. Now let me get this straight: No matter how significant a world leader someone has been, the ACLU says he cannot honored with a public monument if he happens to have been a member of the clergy??? It seems to me that this constitutes discrimination based on one's occupation, which is illegal, and discrimination against someone based on his religion, which is also illegal. But let's face it: these days the ACLU seems to exist for no other reason than to attack Christians and Christianity.

"We Want God"

Communists tried eradicating Christianity in Poland. All that changed after a historic visit by John Paul II, after he had been Pope only eight months. I was unaware of this significant event until I read a powerful and eloquent appreciation of John Paul II's legacy, written by Peggy Noonan. If you want to see a picture of John Paul II's true greatness and discover an amazing piece of history, read this article and enjoy. If the link above to the article on Opinion Journal doesn't work, you can also access the article here.

As the people of Poland said to the Communists, so the people of the United States need to let the ACLU know, "We Want God!"

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Father Lee Nelson, SSC said...

This would make every street and park in American named "Martin Luther King" Park/boulevard/swimming pool, whatever, a terrible offense then. Should not the man who brought down communism have the same honors as the man who brought down segregation?