Thursday, January 06, 2005

Dalit Oppression and the Clay Cup™

The term Dalit is an ancient Marathi (a West Indian language) word that may be defined as “ground” or “broken in pieces” It refers to people who have been broken, or ground down by those above them in a deliberate and active way. As a result, Dalit usually refers to the portion of the Indian population falling outside of the Indian caste society; those who are traditionally know as the “outcaste” or “untouchables.”

Clay cups are commonly used by establishments in India and are provided exclusively for the Dalits. The purpose is to destroy the cup after each use so that no upper caste customer will ever use it and risk “contamination by a Dalit’s uncleanness.” Dalit Freedom Network has chosen the clay cup as a visual representation of the Dalits’ brokenness and oppression. These cups are made by the Dalit community outside of Hyderabad, India.

Use your cup as a reminder to pray for the Dalits!

· Have one in your home!
· Have one in your workplace!
· Have one in your car!
· Give one to your friend or child!

Click here for more information on Dalit Freedom.

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