Thursday, June 21, 2012

South Carolina Standing Committee Releases General Convention Statement

The Standing Committee of the Diocese of South Carolina has released a statement concerning what appears to be the inevitable outcome of the 2012 General Convention of the Episcopal Church, that is, the official approval of a rite for the blessing of same-gender unions.

The Very Rev. Paul Fuener, President of the Standing Committee of the Diocese of South Carolina, had this to say in issuing the Standing Committee's statement:
The position of this Diocese on these matters has been clear and consistent.  We continue to affirm and assert our calling to seek to "make Biblical Anglicans for a Global age," and we declare that we will not walk with the General Convention down the road they are choosing.
The statement establishes the position of the Diocese that,
We hereby repudiate, denounce and reject any action of the Episcopal Church which purports to bless what our Lord clearly does not bless.  Specifically, we declare any rite which purports to bless same-gender unions to be beyond the authority and jurisdiction of the General Convention of the Episcopal Church and without force or effect.
You can read the entire statement here.  (A PDF document will open in your browser.)

The Episcopal Church's General Convention, held every three years, will be meeting in Indianapolis from July 5-12, 2012.

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