Saturday, April 16, 2016

I'm Just asking...

Recently we have seen celebrities and businesses, and now state and local governments refuse to do business with North Carolina because the state passed a law regarding bathroom privacy.  Now the Los Angeles City Council has banned the city government from doing business with North Carolina, alleging that the law creates a "climate of violence."

Yes, I understand that increasingly our culture is buying the idea that gender is a human construct.  However (apart from a few, very rare cases of chromosomal abnormalities), biological sex is undeniably binary.   

So how is having a law saying that a person should go to the restroom that corresponds to that person's biological sex creating a climate of violence?

I mean, isn't this the way it has been for as long as there have been public restrooms?

It seems like we didn't need laws about this--and no one was a victim of any violence--until this insane confusion over "gender" began gripping our nation.

Let's be clear: the law has noting to do with being "anti-LGBT" and doesn't incite violence against anyone.  As long as you go to the restroom that corresponds to your biological sex (the way it has been for, you know, like forever), no one has to know or care whether you are LGBT, WXYZ, or have a long-hidden fetish for Bactrian Camels.  NOBODY CARES!!!

But we do care when someone goes into whatever restroom a person claims to identify with and starts sexually molesting others--including children.  Yes, we care A WHOLE LOT about that!

So this is a public safety issue.  And it is not the law that is inciting violence.  But when perverts start abusing children in California and other states that refuse to pass laws protecting children and insuring bathroom privacy, you will see violence from outraged parents.  Plenty of it.

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