Tuesday, October 09, 2012

This Is What We Face

Teen Returns to School After Romney T-Shirt Flap

From here:
A 16-year-old high school sophomore who says she was ridiculed by her geometry teacher for wearing a Mitt Romney T-shirt returned to school Tuesday following a rally by cheering supporters.  The teacher has also written a letter of apology that was read aloud to students.

Samantha Pawlucy hadn't been back to Charles Carroll High School in the city's Port Richmond section since last week.  That's when she and her family say she was mocked by her teacher for wearing the shirt supporting the Republican presidential candidate.  She said the teacher questioned why she was wearing the shirt and called others in to the room to laugh at her.

Pawlucy, whose family had expressed concern for her safety, returned Tuesday after a rally that featured supporters singing the national anthem and reading the First Amendment — as well as shouts of supporters calling "Go, Sam!" and "You're great, Sam!"


Pawlucy wore the pink "Romney/Ryan" shirt to "dress-down" day on Sept. 28. She said that during class, [geometry teacher Lynette Gaymon] pointed out the shirt, questioned why she was wearing it and told her to leave the classroom.  Gaymon, Pawlucy said, said it was a "Democratic" school and compared it to wearing a "KKK" shirt.
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I think I have changed my mind: We do need more education in schools about tolerance, diversity, and respect for the opinions of others.   Only the education needs to be for the teachers.

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