Thursday, August 16, 2012

An FAQ on Christianity for the Unbeliever

Frank Fleming, writing on the PJ Media site, has a wonderful guide for people who just don't get the whole Christianity thing.  I am only posting an excerpt, but you really must read the whole article.


How long have Christians been around?

While many people see Christians as a brand new and quite scary thing, records show Christians have been around since at least the 1950s, and maybe even much earlier.

What are their beliefs based on?

It’s a book called “The Bible.”  It’s full of thousands-of-years-old religious writing, which Christians believe to have been written by men inspired by God. It’s very long.

I see many Bibles are labeled “Holy Bible.”  What if I got a non-holy version?

Immediately return it for a refund.

The Bible is full of really old values, with lots of outdated views on things like sex.  Do Christians actually follow this thing?

Indeed they try.  Their view is that while society and technology change, the fundamental nature of man doesn’t, and neither do the values God gave us.  Thus, the Bible is something they find relevant and expect people to read and follow many years into the future, like Harry Potter.

Don’t Christians know how weird and old-fashioned following the Bible makes them?  Everyone else is fine with swearing, sex on TV, and abortion.  Why do they have to be so different?

To Christians, following the ways of God is more important than fitting in with societal norms.  Thus they are gladly counter-cultural.

So they’re like hipsters?

Yes, except everything they do is unironic.

As I said, you really must read the whole article.

(Hat tip: Midwest Conservative Journal.)

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