Thursday, May 24, 2012

Doctor of Divinity

“There once was a clergyman named Tweedle
Who refused an honorary degree.
He said, ‘Twas bad enough being Tweedle, 
Without being Tweedle, D.D.’”

Well, my name is not Tweedle, so I did not refuse the honorary degree which Nashotah House Theological Seminary graciously bestowed on me at the 167th annual Commencement of that hallowed institution.

Prof. Stanley Hauerwas, from Duke University, was the speaker at this Commencement and also delivered a public lecture the previous evening entitled, "A Suffering Presence: Twenty-five Years Later," marking the anniversary of his landmark book which examines how profoundly medicine and theology are intertwined when we deal with the human experience of illness and mortality.

The Nashotah House Class of 2012 was graduated in superb style (as usual) and a good time was had by all. The Nashotah House blog and Facebook page will probably have pictures soon, and I will try to link to them when they are available.


Tregonsee said...

Congratulations, doctor.

Donald said...

Congratulations! Well deserved.

Canon Herrmann, SSC said...

Thanks for all that you have done for the House Dean Munday.