Sunday, February 06, 2011

Packers win fourth Super Bowl title

A great game!!!

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Dale Matson said...

Dean Munday,
As you know I used to live South of you near Eagle WI. for 24 years. My sons were born and raised in WI and are obviously die hard Packers fans. I however was born and raised in Michigan. Sports fans are like Salmon returning to their stream of origin so I guess you know that I would be a die hard (long suffering)Lions fan. While I can cheer for the Packers as a representative from the Central Division, I must remind you that the improving Lions actually beat the Super Bowl champs this season. As I have said since the 1950's, wait till next year! I am happy to see such a fine young man with a great story succeed. It is also a moral victory for the management of Green Bay who honored their promise to him.