Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Quantum Unbelief

I suppose many of us have heard Easter sermons like this before--sermons that seek to make us feel better about the idea of the resurrection, while at the same time undercutting the reality of Jesus' empty tomb.

Such is the case with Michael Ingham, the current Bishop of New Westminster (Vancouver area)in the Anglican Church of Canada, who published his Easter Message for 2005. You can read the sermon on the Diocesan Website. His message looks at the impact of the “new physics” on theology, and concludes that Easter can no longer be viewed as “something understandable” but rather must be seen as a “divine uncertainty principle inserted into our world.”

A physicist in Bishop Ingham's diocese takes the Bishop to task for his bad science (and even worse theology) in one of the best pieces on science and Christianity I have read in a long time. Read it here.

Many thanks to Nashotah House senior John Jordan for pointing out this piece!

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