Sunday, May 22, 2005

On a Christian Mission to the Top

A number of affluent evangelicals are directing their attention and money at some of the tallest citadels of the secular elite: Ivy League universities. Three years ago a group of evangelical Ivy League alumni formed the Christian Union, an organization intended to "reclaim the Ivy League for Christ," according to its fund-raising materials, and to "shape the hearts and minds of many thousands who graduate from these schools and who become the elites in other American cultural institutions."

Read more at On a Christian Mission to the Top (NY Times, registration may be required). If you can't reach the article via that link, click here for the full article (text only).


Joe said...

This is good news. As an employee at a Jesuit University, I have long wished that more of the high caliber schools with a Protestant heritage would seek to find better ways for faith to impact learning. Wouldn't it be wonderful if our universities produced more students whose answer to the question "how ought we to live" would include a vision for the Kingdom?

Hopefully this is group will be able to make an impact on these campuses. As Harvey Cox's book shows, there is a hunger there.

Grace and Peace,

Douglas said...

I concur that this is good news. I find this NYT article interesting from a number of angles. I invite you to check out my commentary on the article.